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Mobile app growth encompasses the marketing strategies for retaining an app’s user base and acquire high quality users, who generate more revenue than expected.


Pick and choose your audience with our transparent Real-Time-Bidding offerings. Work with high performing brands and safe campaigns.


Scale your app revenue with our powerful AI enabled optimization techniques.

Google AdX

Still working with AdSense or AdMob in this day and age? Reachout to us to know more about Google Ad Exchange and the advantages it has over the latter two.

App Consultation

Consult our highly ingenious team to gain high quality users for your app. Use past data from top apps in your category to know how to increase your Daily and Monthly active users.

Market Intelligence

Ride on trends across Play Store & App Store to get the trending app categories and keywords that are gaining popularity.

Why Adcobber?

Empower your Application with Adcobber for great results.

In order to optimize your application growth, it is important to track valuable KPIs like retention rate, churn rate, DAU, LTV and ARPU. With our Strategies you will find high returns with minimal investments.

Once your application is in the app store, you should analyze and understand the target audience, their likes and dislikes about the current features, all which help in increasing the user base. In short, the application in app store is not enough. We help to provide user base growth with our expertise team who has a better understanding of the current market trends.

The end goal of mobile app growth strategy is to continuously grow your user base and increase app downloads. In order to build a sustainable app growth strategy, it is important to focus on an efficient user flow among other things.


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